Senin, 07 Januari 2008

My Self

My complate name : Dea Lindia udiance
My NicK nAme :
1. Dea
2. Delu
3. Dede
4. Ce
5. Anc3
6. Cantik

I was Born In krian, 5th August 1991
Now I'm still Single..
About My Ideal

actually I wanna be A guide or A Teacher because I think That IS The Lofty Job. In Indonesia There are so many peoples need A education but " what about the teacher ???" it's Very Little bit..

so thats why my one of my ideal I wanna be A teacher but what about A guide??? Do You Know?? actually I Like converse,. or you Can say


But In My Heart I also Wanna Make My Parents " HAPPY " And Also with My friends,. ^_^

YapZ My friends this is My Mobile number

Ok xie-xie